Integra ServiceConnect engages members through deeply personalized face-to-face interaction, driving increased participation in risk adjustment, case management, and other clinical and quality outcome initiatives. Our highly-trained field team is consistently successful in reaching up to 50% of members that cannot or have not been engaged through standard outreach campaigns.

Integra’s services can be used for short-term, targeted initiatives or high-touch, long-term programs, and can be customized to meet a plan’s specific needs for members in any market and line of business. We seamlessly integrate into the programs and vendor relationships that are already in place and can be running within 90 days. Our services have been used to engage members for in-home assessments and health risk assessments, connect members to case management, close members’ care gaps, and coordinate better care for members by addressing the social determinants of health.

In-person engagement of high-risk, high-need members delivers superior results. Developed over time, Integra’s disciplined approach includes hiring the right staff and equipping them with the training and tools necessary to achieve high levels of member engagement and satisfaction. Our confidence in our unique people-finding methodology is high, so we are success-fee only.

In the field, Integra acts as an ambassador, demonstrating the plan’s commitment to connecting members with appropriate services. Moving beyond call center campaigns, our solutions ensure appropriate risk adjustment revenue while improving medical management and quality measures for the plan.

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