About Us


Member engagement is a trending topic in today’s healthcare environment, and it should be. Superior engagement that improves revenue, quality and MLR will drive plan performance. We take a different approach towards member engagement.

In an age of digital engagement, we show that we can achieve higher success rates with tried and true face-to-face interaction.

Developed over time, our people-finding methodology combines the right tools, technology, and training that enables our field team to be so successful. And we’re continuously improving and incorporating the experiences and best practices of our field team.

We are committed to helping members access the services and support they need to be healthy. When it comes to high risk/ high need members, that message is best conveyed in person. That’s what we believe.

Company Snapshot:

  • Privately held, founded in 2007 as a complex case management company.
  • Embraced community health worker engagement model in 2006.
  • Leadership: Executives with Fortune 500 company experienced in managed care, integrated physical/behavioral health, UM, CM, Informatics, Population Health and risk adjustment.
  • Service Model: Community health worker (non-clinical) model focused on social, environmental, behavioral factors impacting engagement and health outcomes
  • Customers: National, regional, and local health plans and health systems, risk-bearing medical groups
  • Core Service markets: Managed Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, managed BH, Dual Demo populations, health Insurance Marketplace
  • Impact: Increased IHA/AWV completion rates, reduced Hospital and ER utilization, improved HEDIS and Stars ratings