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Demographic and Psychographic Data and the Perfect Cheese Sandwich

The perfect grilled cheese sandwich is a thing of beauty but very elusive…Sadly, so is credible data.

Data aggregation in health plans and medical groups is seriously hard work which we have seen when we move toward EDPS. Even if we combine perfect claim, lab, pharmacy, and eligibility data with extraordinary analytics, we still have to add behavioral science elements and theories to move members and understand their future health status, costs, and next steps.

The pieces of data that we are really missing is the Why and Why Not. The pieces of data we don’t have line of sight into are psychographic.

We can update demographic data and re-run predictive analytics, but to understand the member, we have to ask them: what your priorities? Why are you not seeking care? What reward level would change your mind? What influences are directly or indirectly impacting your health status?

Why don’t you know this important information? Because you didn’t ask anyone beyond a focus group. Most don’t know how to move a diverse Medicaid population; most don’t see the complexity of the social and community factors that impact care for the Medicare Advantage population.  Every day, Integra is asking- what are the social influences that impede wellness? Every day we are helping members and their wellness as a whole. We support them as they negotiate changing priorities, values, and their health.

Some of the information we collect:


We are trying to help illuminate the member’s thoughts, needs, concerns, and values. Members and patients shouldn’t be elusive to health plans or their providers.