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End-to-End Engagement: Maximizing Impact and ROI for Payers (intro)

It is becoming increasingly clear that the term ‘member engagement’ is shifting from a buzzword to a cornerstone in value-based care. But what excatly member engagement means and how it is executed still varies widely across healthcare organizations, and sometimes even within departments.

In a new post, End-to-End Engagement: Maximizing Impact and ROI for Payers, TT Capital Partners discusses what they consider to be the next step in the evolution of member engagement- a synthesis that combines technology, analytics, and in-person interaction.  An enterprise-wide, multi-modal member engagement strategy is the next step in meaningfully closing the member engagement gap.

At Integra, our focus has always been on engaging plans’ most difficult members- those that can’t or won’t engage in traditional outreach campaigns, and those that are high-risk and high-need. With these members, it’s necessary to go the extra mile, and we believe the best way to engage these members is face-to-face on a personal level. Our Community Health Worker approach to member engagement is customizable for the individual needs and goals of our clients. Learn more about our solutions.