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Fingers Crossed Is Not A Strategy

You have missed your program’s KPI, closure rate, success rate… however you measure it, you have a miss. How bad is it?

Whether we are talking about risk adjustment, Stars, HEDIS, quality, care, or even enrollment, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best does not work. What works? Implementation excellence.

I often say there are no original ideas, only original implementations.  You need to dig into why you missed the mark – timeliness, analytics, bureaucracy, poor partner choices, or poor vendor communication.

You need to launch earlier, more effectively, and understand how to move to success faster. Integra accelerates and amplifies your programs- whether connecting to additional enrollment opportunities, aligning with community social programs, moving your members to Yes via health literacy, or closing your gaps in care.  Our rates meet your internal team’s and your vendors’. Curious isn’t it? There is implementation excellence.

This year we supported 12 health plans and have helped over 50,000 members move toward better health. We don’t cross our fingers. We implement with purpose and impact.