Integra Insights

  • Where Does Validated Socioeconomic Data Impacting Health Come From?

    Tuesday November 28, 2017

    Only Integra ServiceConnect has boots on the ground verifying and validating socioeconomic data on health plan members every day. Sure, there is a lot of information in public records data, but it is not individual-specific or verified. Verifying the social influencing elements of health enables a more proactive and comprehensive approach to members’ health. How […]

  • Socioeconomic Risk Scores & Social Care Plans Yield Better Outcomes

    Thursday November 16, 2017

    Combining your care plan with your social influencer plan yields better health. For Medicaid and ACA patients we don’t have longitudinal medical data, nor do we consistently know the best engagement and intervention techniques, but Integra ServiceConnect is helping create a more insightful foundation to find members and move them to better health. We are […]

  • Factors that Impact Well-Child Visits

    Tuesday November 14, 2017

    We all know and have seen the studies that illustrate that annual wellness exams lower MLR and create a healthy path for our members and patients, especially well-child visits. Therefore it is extremely important to understand who is not going to get their well-child visits so that we can address the hindrances and better support […]