Integra Insights

  • Let’s Start A Conversation About Social Determinants of Health

    Tuesday September 26, 2017

      At the recent RISE West conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dave Meyer from SCAN Health Plan and I were fortunate enough to introduce and speak with the keynote speaker, Dr. Sampson Davis. Dr. Davis walked us through his life which illustrated how social determinants impacted not only his choices in his youth, but also his […]

  • The Missing

    Thursday September 21, 2017

    It sounds like a scary movie.  But this time we mean the population in health plans that go without prevention, wellness, care plans, HRAs, or annual evaluations. It varies by line of business and health plan, but typically between 12%-65% of a health plan’s members are not adherent, accessing care efficiently, or participating in a […]

  • What’s the Real Purpose of Patient and Member Engagement?

    Thursday September 14, 2017

    Moving past the buzzword “engagement” … Our brains are full of buzzwords. Often, we can’t remember the intent of a program because we are so busy tracking SLAs, metrics, and looking for pricing reductions. What is the true purpose of patient and member engagement? Is it to – – Develop a meaningful relationship? Ensure they […]