Who We Are



Integra ServiceConnect® is redefining health care consumer engagement.

All too often, conventional outreach methods fail to connect members with the services they need and which their health plans and providers are eager to supply. This connection failure negatively impacts all these stakeholders. Integra’s feet-on-the-street team finds individuals that health care payers and providers are unable to reach, engages them as active partners in their health care, and connects them to appropriate clinical and social services. For the member, our work produces better health outcomes. For the plan and its providers, our work improves quality, revenue, cost and member satisfaction outcomes.


In a value-based payment world, health care payers and providers know that member and patient engagement is critical to their success. Yet conventional mail and phone campaigns often reach just 30% of the target audience. Integra specializes in community-based, non-clinical outreach efforts that can dramatically improve, and perhaps double, engagement results, with a success fee model that ensures financial alignment.

Integra provides “hands on” community-based support to connect individuals with appropriate clinical and social services, living and working in the communities we serve. We locate and build relationships with our clients’ hardest-to-find, hardest-to-engage members and patients, targeting individuals presenting numerous opportunities: 1) open care gap and quality, 2) risk adjustment and revenue, and 3) medical expense reduction.