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Socioeconomic Risk Scores & Social Care Plans Yield Better Outcomes

Combining your care plan with your social influencer plan yields better health.

For Medicaid and ACA patients we don’t have longitudinal medical data, nor do we consistently know the best engagement and intervention techniques, but Integra ServiceConnect is helping create a more insightful foundation to find members and move them to better health. We are helping our health plans and capitated medical group clients create socioeconomic risk scores and then we design social influencer plans to intertwine with their care plans. These two plans act like twine in a rope creating a stronger, more supportive approach to better health outcomes.

What are elements of our socioeconomic scores?

  • Income
  • Education (which may be linked to health literacy)
  • Voter Registration (community engagement)
  • Criminal background (individual safety and health value)
  • Age
  • Gender

Integra ServiceConnect often collects other clues and data points when in the home with members.

What Socioeconomic Risk Scores show or impact:

  • Health risk
  • Health literacy
  • Total cost risk for the next 12 -24 months
  • ER utilization
  • Readmission rates

Integra then takes the care model designed by the physician or care management nurse,s intertwines the score and the findings from a needs and barriers assessment to create a solid, simple pathway to health for the member.

Today, we are helping our clients see future health risk in a multifaceted lens and create multi-dimensional plans to address members holistically on their path to maintaining health.