AdvanceConnect - Comprehensive Assessments


Increasing Annual Wellness Visit Completion Rates and Member Participation in Care and Quality Programs

Targeting high need members, AdvanceConnect drives strong investment results from in-home assessments, care management and quality enhancement programs. We seamlessly integrate into the programs and vendor relationships that are already in place and can be running within 60 days.

AdvanceConnect Key Benefits:

  • Doubles the number of members you engage
  • Targets and maximizes engagement of the neediest members
  • Aligns the Plan and Integra through success-fee-only model
  • Produces ROI of 3.0 or greater just from the in-home assessment
  • Provides the following, in addition to in-home assessment, when flagged by the plan
    • Closes care gaps
    • Connects members with case management
    • Connects members with PCPs

AdvanceConnect Engagement Success Across Diverse Lines of Business and Geographies

NY and CT Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid 51%
NYC Medicare Advantage 60%
Florida Medicare Advantage 69%
Texas Medicare Advantage 52%
California Dual Demo 52%
Illinois Dual Demo 46%

Targeted engagement of the right members produces the best outcomes for you and your members.

Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve better outcomes.