Transitions of Care - Personalized Support for Seamless Continuity of Care


Integra’s Transition of Care (ToC) program, one component of Integra’s comprehensive CompleteConnect offering, is also available as a standalone solution. When readmission rates are unacceptably high and quality scores are negatively affected, Integra’s 30-day post-discharge ToC program can be rapidly implemented to supplement existing efforts. 

Providing continuity of care, advocacy, coordination, and communication to ensure proper understanding and execution of post-discharge plans is essential to a member’s recovery and to clients’ success in value-based care. Integra’s ToC program provides a support structure for member transitions which reduces readmission rates. 

Our Community Health Worker model is at the core of our ToC program, providing members and their caretakers with a personal guide through the post-discharge period, performing the following services:

  • Visit members in the hospital prior to discharge by leveraging daily census or HIE feeds
  • Review the discharge plan with member and caretakers
  • Visit member in the home or the caregiver’s home post-discharge 
  • Ensure member has adequate supply of prescribed medications and understands the medication schedule
  • Schedule necessary follow-up provider appointments on a timely basis
  • Provide appointment reminders and arrange transportation if necessary 

During the 30-day transition period, a member’s Community Coordinator is available 24/7 to answer any questions and provide additional support as needed. Following the initial transition period, the Community Coordinator typically transfers the member to the client’s care or case management if necessary. 

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