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Where Does Validated Socioeconomic Data Impacting Health Come From?

Only Integra ServiceConnect has boots on the ground verifying and validating socioeconomic data on health plan members every day.

Sure, there is a lot of information in public records data, but it is not individual-specific or verified. Verifying the social influencing elements of health enables a more proactive and comprehensive approach to members’ health.

How do Integra’s clients benefit from using verified socioeconomic data?

  • Cost prevention: through identifying risk factors in patients that prompt care management, care coordination, or physician intervention before a serious health issue can arise or worsen.
  • Improved health outcomes: by providing a more holistic picture of patients to drive treatment decisions and address barriers to care.
  • Increased engagement: by improving members’ health literacy, better aligning their health values, encouraging them to prioritize a healthy lifestyle, and take understandable steps to improve their health.
  • Cost reduction: decreasing treatment and care costs by proactively handling health issues before they become a serious health crisis, such as medication adherence or physician office visits rather than ER utilization. Another example would be reducing hospital readmissions by anticipating the challenges a patient may face in recovery and putting support mechanisms in place to prevent relapses or insecurity issues.
  • Quality score improvement: helping healthcare  meet quality standards by accelerating participation in the quality gap closures.